Compliance Coordinator




or Maintenance









High School Diploma/GED; Associate’s Degree



2 years experience providing maintenance/facilities in human services setting


Scope of Position:
This position serves as the backup in the absence of a zone director,
and is responsible for training maintenance staff in janitorial and skilled work,
such as but not limited to, maintaining cleanliness of the interior and exterior
of the building, performing skilled repairs such as carpentry, painting,
plumbing and electrical. Responsible for ensuring that maintenance workers are
trained in preventative maintenance of the various systems within the building
and ensuring the various systems within the building (elevators, sprinklers,
fire alarm, fire extinguishers, etc.) have been inspected and documented.  The Cleaning Compliance Coordinator travels
between or among buildings to ensure maintenance workers, program staff and
clients are trained as needed. Also responsible for training staff and clients
on the proper upkeep of apartments, use of cleaning products, and appliances as
well as identifying and reporting on life safety issues in apartments.  May be asked to fill in for maintenance
workers as needed to independently perform janitorial or skilled building
repairs and to be available on-call to respond to emergencies outside of
regular working hours.

Essential Position Functions:

Daily cleaning of all public areas in building as well as staff offices and staff
bathrooms, clean all glass surfaces including storefronts.

Scheduling will be made with the Director of Maintenance and in contact with the Program

Daily Check in with Program Director regarding residents that need assistance with
their ADL skills; i.e. assist residents on how to maintain a clean apartment as

Educate residents regarding proper usage of cleaning products within their residence.

Assist clients with completing a work order and/or educate them on the process in
which apartment repairs are completed.

Complete an ADL orientation with all new residents regarding best apartment maintenance

Reports concerns to Program Director regarding hygiene, apartment cleanliness,
extermination issues.

After each training, a report will be given to the Director of Maintenance who will
then send to the program.

Preferred life experience in ACS, RTF, DHS Shelter or supportive housing

Assist Zone Directors when needed.  Serve as the back up in the absence of a Zone Director to perform the full complement of
Zone Director responsibilities, including supervision of staff under the
direction of the Director of Maintenance.

Cleaning of building exterior, including yard, sidewalk, roof, alleyways and driveways,
roof drains and clear gutters.   Snow
removal and sand or salt application as needed.

Check of all mechanical rooms as needed

Garbage collection from offices and public areas and set up for put out as needed

Clean ducts, vents, grills, door saddles, door frames, door hardware, elevator tracks
and elevator sensor as needed.

Pack away deliveries in storage areas and place package slip in designated mailbox
as needed.

Evaluate client complaints to determine if skilled labor is needed.

Install window shades, plunge toilets, change light bulbs, reset circuit breakers, turn
off water valves to plumbing fixtures, lubricate locks, stripping and buffing
floors and other miscellaneous duties.

Touch-up painting related to preventative maintenance and simple wall rolling.

Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers, exit signs, make sure fire doors self-close,
verify detex alarms are in working condition, maintain keys to all of the doors
in the building as needed

Spot exterminating.

Attending trainings and staff meetings as directed.

Cleans vacant apartments and assists with client moves, which includes moving
furniture and already packed client items. Apartment Turn Overs – clean, able
to asses any minor issue and repair, asses all appliances to determine if they
are in good working condition, paint, strip floor, perform carpentry, plumbing
and electrical work, asses all windows, etc.

Assist moves for The Bridge, which included moving furniture, desks, chairs, etc.

Independently paints, perform carpentry work, sheetrock/plasters/patches walls, does
electrical work, lock installations and repairs, plumbing, window repairs and
other skilled maintenance work.

Installs light fixtures, window treatments, floor tiles and carpets, furniture, shelves,
drill out door hardware,  caulk and grout
wall and floor tiles, etc.

Maintenance Van – must be kept clean and organized.
Must maintain and keep in good working order all company tools. Be
mindful of the expiration dates of both inspection sticker and registration and
notify supervisor when these dates near.

The ability to use power tools and use in a safe manner

Any other duties as may be assigned.

Physical Demands:


·      Required to stand, walk, bend for more than 5 hours daily

·      Regularly required to lift more than 50 lbs

·      Regularly required to push more than 50 lbs

·      Must be able to walk up flights of stairs

·      Must be able to hear, read and understand verbal and written instructions in English

·      A Valid Driver’s License preferred

·      Use of a 12’ ladder

·      Must wear uniform provide by The Bridge and keep in good and clean condition.

Medical Insurance

Dental Insurance

Flexible Spending Accounts

Life Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Qualified Transportation Expense Accounts

Pension Plan

Tuition Reimbursement

In-Service Trainings

Paid Holidays

Vacation Days

Personal Days

Sick Leave

Family and Medical Leave


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