CDPAP Caregivers Needed

Become a CDPAP caregiver. Get paid to aid a loved one through the CDPAP program.

CDPAP stands for The Consumer-Directed Personal Assitance Program. This program allows eligible Medicaid consumers/recipients to recruit, hire, and direct family members and friends as paid CDPAP caregivers.

The Medicaid recipient qualifies if needs help with daily living activities because of a disability or a long-term health condition.

CDPAP caregivers dont need a license like regular home health aides from an agency. Once the patient is approved, they start to work immediately. They have flexible hours and work because the patient sets the schedule and directs the caregiving.

We pay our CDPAP caregivers weekly. The hourly rate depends on the patient’s location, and Medicaid determines the number of hours through a couple of assessments.

The paiteint Medicaid plan fully funds the program, and we provide CDPAP services in all of New York State 62 Counties.

In addition, we offer entirely free Medicaid support services for those who don’t have Medicaid and want to apply.

For more information about our CDPAP program, please visit

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