Legislative and Budget Director

Organization: Office of New York City Council Member Erik Bottcher

Democratic Nominee for New York City Council Erik Bottcher is seeking Legislative and Budget Director beginning on January 1, 2022.


Legislation: Work with committee counsel to draft legal language of bills and plain language summaries; secure Council Member co-sponsors; work with community groups and advocates to build coalitions of support; invite experts to testify at chaired hearings; work with committee staff to negotiate with city agencies, law department and Mayor; oversee implementation and enforcement.

Budget: Manage discretionary expense and capital budget portfolio; attend Council budget briefings and organize accompanying materials; meet with non-profits applying for City Council funds; coordinate with budget staff of other Council Members; work with Speaker’s office and budget staff.


The ideal candidate is a highly motivated master’s program graduate with a background in government who wants to make a positive difference in New York City, with experience in legal research, data analysis, persuasive writing, and organizing coalitions. Prospective candidates for this position must possess excellent writing ability; research and communication skills; work well as part of a diverse team; and demonstrate a strong ability to manage multiple projects while working under tight deadlines. Ability to work well in teams and with a diverse mix of people, exercise sound and careful judgement.

New York City residency required within 90 days of appointment.


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